The Ultimate Black Belt Test (UBBT 2012) is a 1-year (plus) living exam accepting 40 adult black belts, of all styles, into the most challenging and comprehensive black belt testing project in the world. The UBBT 2012 ends with a house-bulding project and final exams in April of 2013 in Greensboro, Alabama.

Pricing and Particulars for the UBBT 2012

This is how enrollment works:

40 people, give or take, will be accepted to the UBBT 2012. The graduation / final test takes place in April of 2013, in Greensboro, AL. 

When you (1 of the 40) say, “I am going to join the UBBT 2012,” and fully commit yourself, your test begins. We will not take enrollments to the program after Dec. 31, 2011, and at 40 members, we close enrollment. 

So your UBBT 2012 starts when you enroll and ends in April, 2013, making the project at least 15 months long —or longer.

Tuition, for the 1st 10 members to enroll (3 enrollments so far) will be $1200. Add to that a $500 deposit made to an escrow account with Member’s Solutions. The $500 is returned to any member who graduates in April of 2013 —and is forfeited by any member who fails to fulfill his/her UBBT 2012 program (you quit participating, you lose). 

After the first 10 enrollments, program tuition goes to $1500. After the first 20 members it goes to $1700 (plus money in escrow, of course). 

To talk about enrollment, contact Coach Tom Callos at 530-903-0286, by SKYPE at tomcallos, or by Google Video Chat.